Of course, I am a certified and insured personal trainer.

But that isn't what makes me different or special.

What is important is that I grew up as the shy, awkward, unathletic guy who couldn't get a date much less ask for one. After some years in retail I found myself working in the anonymous desk-bound routine of corporate employment and felt my strength and energy escape me as the waistline grew and grew. And most recently I was the old guy at Moorpark College struggling to relate to and keep up with those students half my age...

Simply put, I've been challenged by life, through these obstacles and many others, that had prevented me from being my best. I'm much more confident, less awkward, and enjoying the benefits of being in better shape than ever before. That desk job simply spurred me to action and helped me prioritize my health and the joy movement brings. That lead to me enrolling at Moorpark College which became the birthplace of many new friendships that proved to be stronger than the imaginary walls I had created. My time there proved to me I am meant to share not only my education and skills as a personal trainer but that it is my unique life experiences that makes me ideally suited to be your personal trainer!

your trainer

Sean is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He also earned nationally recognized certification from Moorpark College as well an Associates in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. He specializes in corrective and postural exercise while delivering programing to help his clients with their strength and weight loss goals. 

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