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Once found you should live with that Beast within every hour of every day. It is so much more than just the time, energy, and focus you give your workout. Why would you limit yourself to just a small part of your day when you’re seeking to change your life?

Just about everybody out there wants to improve some aspect of their lives. Whether it’s health, wealth, better relationships with family, friends, or just surviving day-to-day struggles without losing it. Everybody has some aspect of their life they wish to change for the better.

Too many of these people are waiting for the motivation that somehow grants the energy for such endeavors. Once motivated they’ll become some powerhouse of evolutionary change that they will not only reach their goal within a single day but surpass all expectations anyone dared have upon a lesser human being!

Motivation doesn’t work that way.

You have to create the energy and drive for your goals by yourself. Whether you feel like it or not, you must take action.

Action speaks louder. It speaks louder than thinking about it. Louder than waiting for it, hoping for it, wishing for it.

Do you want to achieve your goals? Do something about it!

Motivation requires action. Action requires willpower and discipline.

That is where your Beast comes in.


That Beast is the part of us that needs to dig deep against all the comforts and routine that have shaped our lives and aggressively reject them to complete the task at hand.

Sounds simple but is far from easy to achieve.

We’re up against comfy chairs and quality TV that can be easily accessed through the DVR and streaming services. We have so many choices when it comes to food and distractions on the phone as well. It’s amazing we ever look up from our plates or the yodeling cat playing the circle game.

This is great for the leisure time we’ve earned but too much has made it more difficult for us to enjoy the lifestyle we know will add more years and joy to our lives.

What is happening to our bodies and brains as we do all this sitting?

All the comforts, convenience, and excess calorie intake leads to several negative health risks. A partial list would include obesity, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and poor sleep quality.

And more.

But we’ve all heard the same information for years now. More convincingly we’ve felt our health declining and seen it through our posture and the tightness of our clothes.

We know we are not meant to be living like this!

That is why we need to find our Beasts.

The Beast may be akin to the Id, the underlying instincts we have repressed too often to fit into the confines of the modern world around us. We know we want more out of our bodies than we’ve allowed of ourselves. To encourage that sense of more we need to demand more from our daily lives that lead us to the stagnation we’ve found ourselves in.

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