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What Is In A Name?

To help others find their Beast, I need to first find my own.

I’ve had moments of discovery and have harnessed its power, but I have yet to embody that deep primal nature.

Thus far, primal is the one concrete descriptor I have for that otherness within I seek.

I know I am not alone in seeing how modern life has forced us, both men and women, to repress their emotions and keep silent any less-modern ambitions.

Why should we frown upon the beach bum who wants to live his days surfing and only works as little as needed to support that chosen life?

Or we feel people are only allowed to live such a life after earning it by doing something more productive. That last sentence should get some italics or some other signifier for sarcasm.

However, I digress.

I am speaking of how I find, define, and embody my Beast.

No beach bums, dirtbags, or other straw men shall distract me from this course.

Jungian Archetypes are more conducive for the journey.

As defined by, Archetypes are the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

And in Jungian psychology, a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., universally present in individual psyches.

Myths, legends, romanticized history, and stereotypes all have power and influence over how we shape our perceptions of ourselves, our world, and our identity.

Instead of allowing these forces to continue passively shaping me, I’m going to learn how to take the chisel to myself.

Chisel, not clay.

I don’t need to build anything new. I need to remove that which does not serve me or my goals in life.

Not a chisel, a file. The Beast is already within, the bars to the cage need to be removed.

I’ve already written a couple of letters to Teen Sean in attempts to reconcile his influence on my life. Letting go of what was necessary and kept us safe then knowing that kind of safety is only holding us back.

Removing the comfort zone around the psyche will only hasten the cage’s destruction.

To be fair, I have some idea of what lies waiting within that cage.

I know I want to help others feel empowered to reject their preconceptions of life as I have done so and continue to do so.

That resoluteness has long been a part of who I am.

I want to help guide people toward finding their strength, the strength that comes from within.

Creating that strength through resistance training is always an excellent way to help awaken that special something that everyone possesses.

I will always strive to inspire and guide others on their journey regardless of how I earn a living. 

Yes, I’m that guy at work that doesn’t shut up about his kettlebells and I’m damn proud of that.

I’m still exploring all the silent demands of my Beast.

Recently I recognized I need to live my life with more risk, to act with more empathy, be bold in creating strong friendships and relationships.

I need to live my life with the self-worth I have created through my actions up to this point.

I am my own biggest obstacle when it comes to that because I don’t recognize that self-worth despite knowing I have it.

I am genuinely surprised at the times I have stood up for myself when others tell me to keep my head down and not rock the boat. 

I’ve been working out too long and have too much strength to back down when others try to bully me no matter how subtly they may do so. 

I need to learn to do the same for others. I need to do the same for myself against myself.

There is power and knowledge to be found outside the familiar to help rethink those things that make up our comfort zone.

I’m certain the research and application of the archetypes will help those bars become more visible. I’m certain they will break as I consider channeling prehistoric cavemen, the romanticized Viking warriors, the Gauls, the Samurai, the noble savages, and those characters truly of mythology rather than history. 

I already know there will be those traits to be rejected as I embrace others.

The trick is going to be embracing what is grounded and unshakeable, what is genuine and means-driven. 

Rejecting that which is a mere projection, what isn’t there, and what is continually shifting as they seek to satiate their greed mistaking it for ambition.

I want to be secure enough in who and what I am that I can recognize what ambitions are not meant for me.

That means scaling the heights of Olympus and being undistracted by the sirens’ song.

If I can become someone more capable of reaching out to those around me and help them inspire those around them, perhaps I can help create a stronger, more grounded, unshakeable community around me. 

It’s ambitious but has always been my goal with fitness.

First, I need to find my Beast.

Then, I will happily help you find your Beast.

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