Your Fitness

Your journey will utilize many tools to aid you with the results you desire. Each will help push you in different ways leaving you feeling pride and joy in a job well done after every session.  You will learn to effectively use dumbbells, sandbags, suspension trainers, your own bodyweight, and my favorite, the humble kettlebell to lose the weight, gain more strength and power, and improve the posture that is so important in everyday activity.

Dumbbells have been a staple of effective workouts for a reason. Compared to barbells they add more variety and efficieny to any routine. They require more strength and coordination to lift in unison than the same weight with a barbell. More strength needed means more strength gained. For exercises utilizing only a single dumbbell more stability and control is demanded from the core thus strengthening and conditioning the body for all day endurance protecting you the lowerback paind so many others experience daily..

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