Your Fitness; your Tools

Location! Location! Location!

We take our workouts to the nearest suitable park to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it's right next door to your home, your office, or just the ideal place for you to get away from the distractions that have been holding you back.

If your focus proves strong enough we can even take the workout to your own backyard!

There really is no need for a gym when you have the proper tools and know-how to get a good workout!

The versatile kettlebell

The basic kettlebell exercises are perfect for preparing the body for many different feats of strength, skill, and agility.

Once you learn the basics of the kettlebell, you will immediately see how this simple tool quickly surpassed the its initial introduction as a "fad" and has become a staple of gyms everywhere. 

The kettlebell's compact and offset mass makes it the perfect choice for dynamic movement and instilling the ever important mind-muscle connection to get the most benefit from your workouts.

Real life demands the sandbag

Rarely are we every picking up perfectly balanced and perfectly symmetrical items in our day to day lives.

Not only do we have small children and pets we may carry around but also our grocery bags, moving boxes, and the vacuum cleaner require us to balance and control awkward and unwieldy weight.

The sandbag is nothing but awkward and unwieldy. The more you practice and prepare with this unruly canvas log the better you'll be able to carry groceries from the car and throw your grand kids high into the air. 

Smart moves with dumbbells

Dumbbells may be simple and basic but that is exactly what is needed to progress your workout. 

Controlling the dumbbells in the appropriate way will help strengthen and build your muscles in ways the kettlebells and sandbag simply cannot. 

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